Larry Larry, September 5, 2021

Tuesday, September 21st is Zero Emissions Day!  To commemorate the day, 350 Chicago has organized a Peer-to-Peer fundraiser through Give Lively. The fundraiser will begin on the morning of Sunday, Sept 12th and culminate on the day dedicated to using minimal or no fossil fuels.

Donate Here!

So, what is Peer to Peer fundraising?  The Give Lively platform leverages social media to raise money by asking your friends and followers to donate. Watch our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for more information and updates. We will also send an email to our followers to provide further details on participating. 

So, let’s all pitch in and try to raise money from our friends and neighbors on social media. Every dollar raised matters and we hope you will join us.

Watch for further updates over the next month prior to the fundraiser kickoff!

The 350 Chicago Fundraising Team.

P.S. Any carbon emissions created during the course of this fundraiser will be offset by donations to organizations planting trees.