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Renewable energy is booming across the world, and continued technological advances have brought the upfront & total costs of installing a residential solar system down dramatically over the last several decades. However, there can still be significant logistical and financial impediments (excessive shading, not owning the residence, upfront capital investment) for people who want to source their home energy usage from renewables. However, there are still ways for your home to be a part of the green energy revolution.

At the beginning of 2020, the 350 Chicago board began vetting several electricity suppliers whose product offerings allowed for people to source their energy from renewables and/or offset their home energy usage with Renewable Energy Credits (REC). Several members of the board signed up with different green suppliers to see if they could deliver savings on energy bills and reduce a home’s carbon footprint. Ultimately, we found that one company was able to deliver savings on your electricity bill, with no additional or upfront costs, and also completely offset your total home electricity usage footprint.

The below is a personal testimonial from 350 Chicago Board Member Larry Coble about his decision to switch to the green electricity supplier Hero Power.



Hello Friends of 350 Chicago and Fellow Climate Activists,

Recently, I decided to switch my electricity supplier from a well-known green energy provider to Hero Power. While I was happy with my previous supplier, I wanted to take an additional step toward sustainability. So, I chose Hero Power, a provider of 100% wind energy that also utilizes Green e-Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s)! 

Choosing a company with Green e-Certified REC’s was important to me. By meeting the most stringent environmental and consumer standards for electricity generation, Green e-Certified REC’s allow me to buy electricity for my home while further living up to my values. 

Changing was quick and easy. I clicked on the link to myheropower.com/350 and followed the prompts to make the shift to e-certified wind energy.  Plus, Hero Power matches the same rate for electricity as ComEd. The whole process took just a couple of minutes. So, the decision was really logical: 100% Wind Energy at a low rate! Simple!  

Moreover, to assist 350 Chicago in our efforts to fight the climate crisis, Hero Power will donate $25 to our organization for each customer switching to Hero Power through the link at myheropower.com/350

Sign up now and save money while fighting the climate crisis!


Larry Coble

Vice-President, Board of Directors


If you want to learn more about Hero Power and how you could save money on your electricity bills, check out their presentation linked on our website complete with Powerpoint slides. Seeing is believing though, and after switching to Hero Power, Larry saved $92.26 on his family’s first electricity bill with Hero Power!  That’s a 46% drop in supply charges while having almost the exact same electricity usage as they did in the previous month.