Larry Larry, July 25, 2018


Hello Fellow Climate Activists,

Last year, Chicago350 assisted in the organizing, mobilizing, publicizing and art work for the Peoples Climate March in the city.  This year, Chicago350 will be participating in the Rise for Climate Jobs and Justice event on September 8th in Joliet, Illinois!

As part of the Peoples Climate Movement coalition, members of Chicago350 have been participating in the planning process for the last couple of months to assist in developing and providing input into the event.

The Joliet area southwest of Chicago has become a logistics corridor for many Fortune500 companies and the area has become congested with traffic and the resultant pollution from diesel trucks and trains moving through or idling in the region, the outsized carbon footprint of such a worldwide logistics operations and the dangers to the community of increased flooding risks, heat island effects and overall contribution to climate change of moving 3.5% of the worlds GDP through the region.

Beyond the climate problems created by the Joliet Region Logistics Corridor, the business’ located within the corridor have not met promises of providing good paying jobs and often utilize temporary employees to avoid delivering livable wages and benefits for a good portion of the warehouse workers.

Chicago350 sees participating in the Joliet event as beneficial to spreading the word on climate change, fossil fuel divestment, smart growth strategies and the drive toward a 100% renewable energy economy while also supporting and networking with unions and social justice groups fighting for fair incomes for workers. As described in the planning meetings, the Joliet Logistics Corridor “hits the nail on the head for all issues concerning jobs and climate justice.

During the event, many of the asks made by the PCM will include transforming the energy and transportation infrastructure in the region toward cleaner, greener technologies such as, electric trucks, cleaner trains, solar and wind power installation and sourcing. For labor organizations, goals involve better labor standards, long term worker placement instead of temporary occupations, workplace unionization and a meeting with Warren Buffet a major investor in the logistics corridor. Further activities for the day will include a GOTV drive for the purposes of building power throughout the affected communities and the state as a whole.

Throughout, Chicago350 will have the opportunity to table and communicate to a whole new population regarding the perils of climate change and the various possible solutions to the problem.

So, save the date! And stay tuned…

In the near future, Chicago350 will be sending email updates for the event, especially regarding the event schedule and program, transportation to and from the event as well as tabling sign up and further opportunities to get involved.

Besides September 8th, Chicago350 may take further opportunities to reach out to other communities, attend planned environmental and social justice based block parties and celebrations being planned through out the city. More information will be provided in forthcoming emails.

Larry Coble