jmazzolini jmazzolini, July 1, 2018

(Images by Dooder / Freepik)

One of the most the powerful ways to stop fossil-fuel-driven climate change is to simply stop funding the fossil fuel industry. But did you know your retirement accounts and investments are probably funding dirty fossil fuels? And if you have a credit card from a major bank, it’s probably supporting destructive pipelines and other non-climate-friendly projects.

Wondering how else you might be funding fossil funds and how to stop it?

Join us for our monthly meeting on Saturday, July 14th at 10AM at the Bezazian Branch Chicago Public Library in Uptown.  After welcoming new members and discussing our current campaigns, we’ll kick-off the first in a series of presentations on Personal Divestment* – making changes and choices to move your money out the fossil fuel industry. This first presentation offers a general overview of personal divestment and lowering your carbon footprint through better personal banking, socially responsible investing, shareholder activism, and other options. Our own Sylvia Panek, an SRI professional, will be presenting.

(*Chicago 350 is not affiliated with the investment industry and cannot provide direct financial advice.  Always research your investment options carefully and work with a qualified SRI financial advisor.)