350 Canberra has a Climate Policy team (known internally as “Demand Ambitious Policy” – DAP.   This team undertakes several activities:

  • it prepares submissions to Government or Parliamentary inquiries
  • it researches climate action policies that are proving effective in other countries
  • it contributes to the ACT Government’s developing blueprint for a Zero Net Emissions Australian Capital Territory
  • it presents policy suggestions to the ACT Legislative Assembly
  • it works with other climate action groups on campaigns to encourage Federal and Territory politicians to implement ambitious climate policies.


350 Canberra has presented submissions to ACT Government reviews, and its activists have on occasion made substantial contributions to 350 Australia submissions to Federal Government Reviews.

These are the most recent 350 Australia submissions that we have contributed to:

UN Sustainable Development Goals: Senate Inquiry (submitted on 29 March 2018)

ACT Climate Strategy: to a Net Zero Emissions Territory (submitted on 6 April 2018)

Ministerial Forum on Vehicle Emissions.  Improving the Efficiency of New Light Vehicles: draft Regulation Impact Statement (submitted on 10 March 2017)

Blueprint for Energy Security in the National Electricity Market: Independent Review [Finkel Review] (submitted on 3 March 2017)

Senate Inquiry into Retirement of Coal Fired Power Stations (submitted on 9 November 2016)

Climate Policy Review Submission (submitted on 5 May 2017)

Hume Coal Project (submitted on 29 June 2017)



350 Canberra occasionally undertakes research aimed at informing discussion on Australia’s climate change policies.

One current area of interest concerns land related emissions and land clearing.

Another concerns international policies to encourage the take-up of low emission vehicles.

Another concerns the development of a public greenhouse gas demonstration experiment.



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