Canberra is leading the world on action and taking the politics out of climate change. We are one of the only places in the world to have cross-partisan support for strong climate action.

The ACT Government has stronger targets than anywhere else in Australia, and most of the world, including:

  • 100% renewable energy by 2020
  • 40% reduction in emissions (on 1990 levels) by 2020
  • zero net emissions by 2050
  • divestment from fossil fuel companies

These targets, or stronger, are supported by all the major political parties (Greens, Labor, Liberals), and Canberra citizens alike – in 2016 90% of Canberrans agree that climate change is a problem, and 80% believe the ACT Government needs to act urgently.

We celebrate that Canberra is well along the path to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. We need to do this for the planet, ourselves and a safe climate future for all. We commend the world leading targets of the ACT and the cross partisan support for them.

But reports suggest they are still not enough (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

We need bolder targets that align with the science of climate change. We also need to have a plan for how to achieve these targets. We need action, not words.

If anywhere can do it, Canberra can.

 We’re asking ACT Politicians

So we’re asking the ACT Members of the Legislative Assembly and parties:

  • Do you support bold action on climate change that aligns with the science?
  • Will you take the politics out of climate change and work with all parties to get Canberra to zero net emissions ASAP?
  • What would you do to set the path for delivering strong action on climate change and meeting the targets you’ve set?
  • How will you ensure creative community driven consultation in 2017 to develop a plan for how we get to zero emissions ASAP?
  • Will you amend legislation to include regular reviews of our targets with community consultation?

How to join the campaign

  1. Share the campaign on social media
  2. Want to get more active in the community? Sign up to join the campaign team. A 350 Canberra member will be in touch to talk about how you can be more involved.

Canberra, let’s keep leading the world on climate action!

If you would like to see the great work we did during the 2016 Local ACT Election, check this out:

ACT Election 2016: Climate Campaign

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