In October 2016 the Senate asked its Environment and Communications References Committee to inquire into the Retirement of Coal Fired Power Stations.   Submissions were requested by 10 November 2016.  350 Australia made a submission.



You can access the full text of our submission here:

Coal Closure Submission_FINAL



Our submission called for the Senate Committee to recognise the need for Australia’s coal power plants to be retired by 2025 (as has been recognised in the United Kingdom), and we asked for a clear policy framework that would ensure this closure in an orderly and incremental manner.  We noted the positive health benefits and flow-on cost savings to the taxpayer from closing coal power stations and removing a significant source of air pollution.  We recommended that the Federal Government establish an independent body to consult with affected communities, workers and their unions to develop principles and processes for a just transition.  We urged the Government to work with the states to ensure that companies provide a cash bond commensurate with the full costs of rehabilitation once coal power plants close.



The Final Report of the Committee may be found here.


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