In December 2017 the ACT Government released a Discussion Paper entitled ACT’s Climate Strategy: to a Net Zero Emissions Territory. That discussion paper can be found here. The Discussion Paper canvassed issues on how the ACT could transition to Zero Net Emissions (ZNE) by 2045, and called for public responses by 9 April 2018.

350 Canberra made a submission.



Access the full text of our submission here:

350 Canberra ACT ZNE Final submission 2018 04 06



The key messages in this submission are as follows:

While recognising that the emission reduction targets proposed in the Discussion Paper compare well with those of other jurisdictions, we urge stronger action to meet the Zero Net Emissions (ZNE) target earlier than 2045, and concerted measures to achieve the highest proposed emissions reduction target for the year 2030 (ie a 75% emissions reduction).

We urge the ACT Government to continue to provide leadership to the community by explaining and promoting the strong linkages between energy consumption, waste reduction, active transport, living infrastructure and emissions reduction.

In order to address transport emissions, we urge the ACT Government to take measures to “kick-start” the market for electric vehicles at the earliest possible date – measures comparable to those being taken in many other countries, including a purchase rebate and an EV Roadmap.

We urge the ACT Government to take measures to accelerate the transition from natural gas for space heating – including financial support for households least able to fund their own transition.
We urge the ACT Government to adopt measures to reduce waste (and associated emissions) far below current landfill volumes, and to promote source separation.

We urge the ACT Government to continue its open engagement with the ACT community, including conducting further regular roundtables and funding a position to support consultation.


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