griffin griffin, January 8, 2017

Many Leftists make the bold assertion that to be on the Right is to necessarily be a climate change denier. But according to Bob Inglis, Executive Director of the Right-wing climate advocacy group RepublicEn, such an assertion is simply not true. RepublicEn is committed to the view that climate change is real and that human activity significantly contributes to it. Of course, as you may have anticipated, there’s a catch. While the Left’s climate change strategy has focused primarily on tightening industry regulations, RepublicEn advocates a free-market, unabashedly pro-business climate change agenda. Yikes. The essential idea is that corporations should internalize the negative externalities they produce. This would provide an incentive for those corporations to adopt more climate-friendly business practices on their own, rather than having the government impose restrictions from above.

What this really means, it seems to me, is that RepublicEn wants to subordinate the common good to the profit motive. I’m highly skeptical of the idea that we should pursue the common good only if corporations find it useful to do so (where “usefulness” is defined by profitability).

Read more at The Atlantic.


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