rbshreve2 rbshreve2, December 14, 2016

Many of us recall the deceptive report summary that was previously published summarizing the EPA investigations that seemed to deny that there was contamination. Now the agency has broadened its study and concludes that fracking does, in fact, damage water supplies.

The President Elect wants to deregulate the unconventional shale gas extraction industry even further than it now is. The energy industry already enjoys exemptions from certain clean air regulations. It gets special help for the state and federal government through the taking of private land for pipelines and compressor stations. So many regard this as the wrong direction for government to take.

Contrary to popular belief, shale gas is not less polluting than other fossil fuels. In fact, because so much methane is leaked or released at wells and transmission facilities, it may be as bad or worse that some other fuels. But with greenhouse gases already above the 350 ppb level, the whole idea of stepping up production is wrong.

Read the NY Times article here

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