Working to reverse climate change.

350 Bucks County is working to promote a harmonious relationship with our sacred planet. We are committed to reverse climate change through direct action and education. FOLLOW OUR ACTIONS

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The Fight against Fracking

Bucks County will be affected by the fracking industry with the current plan for the Penn East pipeline.

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We meet the second Saturday of every month at Newtown Friends Meeting. Address: 219 Court St. Newtown, PA 18940. For Specific Times Contact: [email protected]

Climate Data Time-Capsules

Today is Inauguration Day for the 45th President of the United States—Donald J. Trump. It hardly bears repeating that this administration  will be unprecedentedly antagonistic to climate science. (More...)

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The Right Against Climate Denial?

Many Leftists make the bold assertion that to be on the Right is to necessarily be a climate change denier. But according to Bob Inglis, Executive Director of the Right-wing climate advocacy group RepublicEn, such an assertion is simply not true. (More...)

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EPA Reversal Makes NY Times Headlines

Many of us recall the deceptive report summary that was previously published summarizing the EPA investigations that seemed to deny that there was contamination. Now the agency has broadened its study and concludes that fracking does, in fact, damage water supplies. The President Elect wants to deregulate the unconventional shale gas extraction industry even further (More...)

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EPA: Fracking Impacts Drinking Water

(Reposted from Pennsylvanians Against Fracking)   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 13, 2016 Contact: Danielle Filson, [email protected], 646-335-0443 BREAKING: EPA Listens To Science Advisory Board & Confirms Fracking Impacts Drinking Water Alters Controversial Earlier Finding, Acknowledges Science & Research The EPA today finalized its report on fracking’s impacts to drinking water resources following the EPA Science (More...)

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They Saw it Coming 30 Years Ago

The Washington Post, Sunday June 12, 2016: “We knew in the ’70s what the problem was,” said George Woodwell, founding director of the Woods Hole Research Center, who also testified in 1986. “We knew there was a problem with sea level rise, all disruptions of climate. And the disruptions of climate are fundamental in that (More...)

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Denial Propaganda

A friend recently forwarded a link to a video clip asking what I thought about it.  He’s on a lot of conservative email lists and gets viral emails from questionable sources.  Here’s the video followed by my response: My Friend, As you probably suspected, The Rice Video is a propaganda film making a false case (More...)

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