Chan Lee

Introduce:  I am Chan Lee. I am 15years old. I’m from South Korea. I will work hard for

Eco-generation is an environmental organization and network for youth in Asia and Pacific areas. Samsung Engineering made this organization for CSR (Company Society Responsibility). Eco-generation was established in 2006 by Samsung and UNEP Asia and Pacific.

They made ambassador program to inform Eco-generation to other countries

Some members of E-gen joined UNEP TUNZA.

The leader is going to associate with UNEP international now.

In 2010, a street campaign for members to motivate themselves.

It was held at I-taewon, Seoul, Korea (South)

In this year, January 29, 2011, the second campaign was held.

I participated with T-shirt and cap. I joined this campaign as representative of

I was really appreciated to let me join this campaign as representative.

This is my review of this campaign

Eco-generation Street Campaign – Chan Lee (

12:30 Greetings, self-introduction with lunch

1:00 Meeting on current agendas of Eco-generation

2:30 Hit the road for street campaign

3:30 Wrap up campaign and hilarious chatty time with coffee or tea

4:00 Say good bye

Fortunately, I could participated this campaign

It was so cold that I wore 4 shirts!.

Meeting new people is very exciting thing.

The reason that I participated is for introduce to Eco-generation (widely, Korean).

Unexpectedly, some people were university student.

There were middle school student just like me and there were high school student, too.

I thought that there are many people are interested in environment and action. It is good phenomenon

Waiting for some food, there was self-introducing time

There were many people who started to act through E-gen.

When I introduced myself, Leader talked about

It encouraged me a lot.

The lunch time was in Outback Steak House.

Verbatim, it is famous for steaks.

I thought that eating meat advances global warming. So, I ate spaghetti.

We took some picture and went out.

Erika (leader) advanced campaign

Let me introduce the progress of this campaign

1. Introduce this campaign to people

2. If the people are interested in, ready to took a picture (Polaroid).

3. Take a picture and give them.

4. Give them some pamphlets

Many people joined this campaign and it was so exciting.

I helped people by fixing placard.

Also, I was so surprised

High school student members were very good at English

Mainly, they persuaded people to join this campaign

At 3:30, we wrapped up this campaign successfully

At 3:30~4, we had tea time to talk about eco-generation

And speak impressions.

I had an interview with a person who joined this campaign

He is also my friend.

Unfortunately, I don’t know his name.

Chan Lee (me): What do you think of this campaign?

Friend: It was interesting. I think this campaign is worthy.

Chan Lee (me): What did you think during this campaign?

Friend: I thought that this campaign will be more helpful to people to acknowledge how environmental problem is serious. However, there were some people refused to join this campaign. I felt that there are still many people who do not know climate change is huge. I wish this campaign to become famous and we can save our earth together.

Chan Lee (me): I think so, too. Will you participate on next time?

Friend: Sure, I will.

Chan Lee (me):  I’m so glad that some Korean teens are interested in environmental problem Chan Lee, Seoul,

The campaign ended.

I believe that this campaign is very worthy both of me and I could approach my dream. Also, is not very famous in East Asia. Through this campaign, is introduced to many people in Asia and pacific areas