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Contact: Yuliya Makliuk, 38 097 144 03 12, [email protected]

 15 actions in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, and hundreds of events around the world – people are organizing to show how climate change is negatively impacting their communities today

  May 5, 2012. Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan join the Climate Impacts Day campaign. People who have suffered or witnessed the disastrous impacts of climate change, will come together to connect the dots between global processes and local effects. Massive forest fires, melting of permafrost and the disappearance of mountain glaciers, heat waves, severe droughts and floods – all of these effects are growing nowadays, leading to economic and human losses. It’s time to open our eyes and begin to adapt to a changing climate.

WHAT: Vivid protests, unexpected installation, funny games, serious lessons and indigenous rituals, united by one idea – the reality of the climate crisis, and one symbol – a dot. Different people in different countries will connect the dots to draw attention to the risks and solutions to global problems.

WHO: Scientists, farmers, artists, activists, who have joined the international climate movement

WHERE and WHEN: May 5, 2012. Locations and contact the organizers of the events close to you – see below.

WHAT to CAPTURE: Colorful events, including a visual display of climate change – the installations of ice, photo exhibitions, human sculptures, and more. Speeches by scientists, activists, and witnesses of climate change. In all actions the big Dots on banners and signs will be used, and there will be good options for photo and video shooting.

Climate Impacts Day or Connect the Dots – is a global campaign, which will be held on May 5, 2012. Across the globe, in places where climate change has already caused irreparable harm, people will gathered to express their anger, and hope that the world can still be saved.


Climate Impacts Day is initiated by the international climate movement Photos from past campaigns – here

More information about the campaign and events in other countries – here

Information in Russian – here


Have questions? Contact the event organizers in your country or coordinator in Russian Yuliya Makliuk +38 097 144 03 12 (phone number in Ukraine), [email protected]


Below – a list of actions in EECCA.

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List of Climate Impacts Day events in EECCA countries:

State, City Organizer Email Phone Event’s name and link to description Problem to focus on Brief event’s description
Moscow Natalia Belokopytova [email protected] 79262664908 Stop the Fuel Economics Greenhouse effect increase due to fossil fuels combustion Art-protests in front of Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology
Sankt-Petersburg Alexei Egorov [email protected] 7 921 418 38 27 Actions ‘Separate Collection!’ Waste utilization at landfills leads to  greenhouses gases pollution of the atmosphere Gathering recyclables from people, installation made with garbage
Bratsk, Irkutsk region Natalia Molchanova [email protected] 79025473278 Cleaning up the City Park ‘Our City is a Living Organism, Let it be Healthy!’ Lots of rubbish on the territory Quest-game and marking the City map with rubbish dots, cleaning up
Yakutsk, Sakha Republic Ekaterina Evseeva [email protected] 79 246 602 005 Forest Fires in Central Yakutia and Climate Change Mass forest fires Photo-session in the suburb forest near Yakutsk
Kydymkar, Komi-Permyak region Petr Korolev [email protected] 73 426 041 561 PP – parma party Massive forest fires and extreme winds Shamanic rituals, searching for ‘the Hub of Universe’, praying to stop the fires
Kyiv Inna Datsiuk [email protected] 380 631 551 932 Let’s put all the dots over I in climate change Glaciers melting all over the world Photo-exhibition and a party. Flash-mob ‘Coal Dot’ near the Ministry of Energetics.
Донецк Irina Gambarian [email protected] 38 050 789 99 02 Connect the Dots – Connect the Slagheaps Air pollution because of coal industry Slagheap cleaning up, making a Dot from the waste, photo-session
Rasht Kurbonali Partoev [email protected] 992 935 700 721 Round tables in 5 villages in Rasht region Glaciers melting and threats to the mountain agriculture Discussions with farmers, women, and youth
Dushanbe Aziz Kasymoff [email protected] 992 372 278 118 Climate Impacts Day in Dushanbe Glaciers melting and threats to water supply Lecture with the  glaciologist, flash-mob for youth
Georgia, Kutaisi Nugzar Kokhreidze [email protected] 995 593 180 746 Remember Circle Climate change effects all over the world Art performance and thematic photo-session, shown in a live stream
Azerbaijan, Ismayilli Ruhiyye Mahmudova [email protected] 519360710 Climate Impacts Day Landslides due to more heavy rains Lesson and a photo-session at school
Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek Nurgul Esenamanova [email protected] 996 312 43 86 26 Me + Climate Change Floods and others climate change impacts Drawing contest, photo-session
Kazakhstan,  Shakhan, Karaganda region Irina Moskvicheva [email protected] 77 022 688 318 Climate Quest Air pollution due to coal fueled oven heating Quest-game, Dots out of ashes and slag