There are some days that leave you changed for a lifetime. Friday was one of those.

The 350 Pacific Climate Warriors paddled out into the Port of Newcastle, followed by hundreds of Australians and came head to head with gigantic coal ships. It truly was David versus Goliath. Here’s how it looked:
Big ship standoff meme
(Image: Mike Bowers/The Guardian)
Reuters great photo

(Image: Reuters)

Vanuatu up against Police
(Image: Jeff Tan Photography)

Opening ceremony warriors
(Image: Jeff Tan Photography)

The courage of the Pacific Warriors was on full display as they came face to face with the fossil fuel industry which is threatening their homes.

Using hand carved canoes the Warriors, along with dozens of Australians in kayaks, were able to prevent 10 scheduled ships from passing through the Newcastle coal port. But most importantly, the Warriors stood tall and their message was heard loud and clear: they are not drowning, they are fighting.

The action continues this week, and you can hear the story first hand from the Pacific Warriors this week – at one of the speaking events: in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

For the hundreds of people who joined the Warriors, we thank you. As the Warriors continue their journey, help us tell their courageous story – share the Warrior’s story with your friends and ask them to stand with the Warriors. The Warriors will continue to fight, but they can not do it alone.

Warrior women
(Image: Jeff Tan Photography)
Warrior men
(Image: Jeff Tan Photography)