350 Pacific’s inspirational, motivated, young and empowered female organizer from the Solomon Islands, Christina Ora, also a key speaker at Power Shift, shares with us her excitement, building up to all the hype of a true New Zealand-Pacific event.

I am counting down to the Power Shift NZ-Pacific episode in Auckland!   Few more days to go! Few more days before we see young professional and youth leaders not merely gather, but more so become empowered and visible as a force to be reckon with and utilized in relation to the challenges posed by Climate Change.

Christina's countdown to Power Shift!
Christina's countdown to Power Shift!

The correct adjective is THRILLED! Thrilled because such an amazing event has been brought to our part of the world, and New Zealand with the Pacific youth will illustrate PEOPLE POWER on NZ soil!

Understandably, Climate Change is demanding all of us to find new ways of looking at ourselves and the world around us in order to develop our leadership and organizations to face the changes and work towards the ultimate goal, which is to have our voices heard, not only in our streets, but especially in policy formulations.

But first, it is only wise to build, empower and boost the greater community!