One of our heroes, 345Ambassador Marlene Moses of Nauru (here she is, at Right, at one of our events in South Africa), has just written a piece on Huffington Post about the Rio Summit and how little is spoken about climate change in the official documents. In it she referred to how infrequently climate change is referenced, such that it is almost a "silent motivator."

We stand with Ambassador Moses and all those converging on Rio–these global summits can be great opportunities–but only with a popular outcry accompanying them.

On Tuesday you can be part of that. For the first time is doing an all-out push online to coincide with a global summit. In past years we have sent very large delegations of global youth (that describes the vast sum of the 350 team, after all), but this time we have a small and stalward team on the ground, and will be calling on everybody else to join us in a Twitter Storm. Our mission? Make fossil fuel subsidies a very critical aspect of the Rio negotiations, an aspect too big to be watered down or ignored. We know that the key first step to ending climate change is stopping the senseless funding of the corporations creating the problem. Join us!