artivist-alarm artivist-alarm, September 15, 2014

Bethany Bartran is Painter using her skills to sound the alarm about our changing world.  

Polar Ice Minimum
acrylic on canvas 150x50cm
the polar ice cap at its smallest ever in recorded history

Polar Ice minimum

2013 tracks and intensity of all tropical storms
mixed media on hardboard 70x101cm
The ever increasing occurrence and violence of warm-water storms

2013 tracks and intensity of all tropical storms

2013 The end of the world was so yesterday
mixed media on salvaged wood panel 80x100cm
Athens political and economic climate change, and the breakdown of the birthplace of modern civilization.


Artist Statement:  My work (r)evolves around global cultural, scientific & political ~ communications, atmospheres, and pollutions … and not necessarily in that order. The arts & artists in general are often ‘canaries in the coal mine’.. There are not only real, physical, weather-related threats we are facing, but also disease, food and water shortages and not to mention people and cultural shifts that have to do with living in times of turmoil and uncertainty that create in turn even more complicated problems that need to be addressed and looked at with cooler heads. A lot of my pieces have a rather disturbing, unsettling aspect to them, it can be pretty dismal if you think about it too long. Yet, thats exactly what I’m asking you to do. I want these things to be looked at, discussed, appreciated for their power, and ultimately acted upon. I hope my work is beautiful enough to make you stop and do just that.

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