Youth in action

Climate Strike in Mountain-lantang, kyanjin Ri

“how would our earth be like if all the snow up in the mountains melt and the mountains go bare and dry. To us , that would be the end of the life on earth. But then, the only difference to my thought from reality is time. Such a nightmare might be at our door tomorrow if we don’t act now to preserve our mountains and mitigate climate change” – Powershift Nepal organised strike at 4700m altitude to raise voice on mountain issues and communities which are vulnerable.

Climate Strike on 29th Nov 2019

students take part in climate strike protests in Kathmandu In Kathmandu students gathered to take part in the global call for action against climate change, asking for climate justice and an end to an era of fossil fuels and stop fracking in Nepal. This was organised by several organisation who have formed the group called Fridays For Climate.

My journey to climate strike and thesis survey in Humla- Pabita Shahi

For the completion of my Bachelor in Environmental Management, I choose Humla as my study area for the Research purposes. The reason I chose Humla is as it is my birth place where I really felt comfortable to communicate and interact with people, secondly humla which is really vulnerable to climate change.  I selected Nepka Village of Humla District.