Ende Gelände – Here and no further?


Our message today is – again – Enough! Whether it is RWE or any other company, we do not want any more fossil fuels! Join us again in an inspiring action of massive civil disobedience. From the 24th to the 29th of August there will be actions and camps taking place throughout the Rhineland.

Ende Gelände is an announced mass action of civil disobedience that allows different levels of participation (blockade of infrastructure, protest, communication, helping in the kitchen, etc.).

It is an action open to everyone (whether you have experience with civil disobedience or not) within a well thought-out framework with a clear action consensus (link to action consensus). This consensus or action agreement has been approved by all parties of the organisation and participants and supporters of Ende Gelände.


For more info watch the mobilisation video https://vimeo.com/222334257 or visit https://www.ende-gelaende.org/en/draw-red-lines-against-climate-change/

There’s also a
Climate change wont wait, this summer we draw the red lines. Join us!


1/ I would like to follow an action training to get to know more/of to prepare:

Training in French on the 13th of august, from 11h until 19h at avenue Ernest Cambier 2bis, Bruxelles.. Subscription for that training happens here: https://framaforms.org/inscription-a-la-formation-en-desobeissance-civile-pour-ende-gelande-2017-1499858287 There will also be more info sessions in French, you’ll find the info here: https://www.facebook.com/EndeGelandeBelgium/

2/ I’m going to Ende Gelände in May with the bus

To join the bus on 24th from Brussels at 17h30 (returning Monday 28th at 17h00). Sign-up here: www.joc.be/en-route-vers-ende-gelande/

3/ I’m enthusiastic but I can’t go to Germany

4/ I’m helping to mobilize and would like to have X flyers and X posters. Or I want to share the Facebook event. Send us your e-mail address!

Why an action of civil disobedience?
The previous energy transitions have occurred over a period of time of 50 years, in a context of growth. We do not have this amount of time, and we now know that infinite growth is not possible on a finite planet. For way too long already, politicians have been bending to the wishes of the large energy industry.
Time is running out! If we do not leave fossil fuels in the ground, we are heading towards a climate catastrophe! Our actions are disobedient – but they are also legitimate: it’s time to put our disobedient bodies on the line!

Why mobilize in Germany?
The climate crisis we live today is global. So even though the extraction of coal is no longer common in Belgium, we want to strengthen the local struggles in neighbouring countries by joining forces.

Who are we?
350Belgium is mobilizing together with Climate Express. Both are volunteer organizations. Vredesactie, JOC and ADES-if are organizing action-trainings.