Joining is free! You will simply receive occasional updates from 350 South Florida by emailing your contact information to:

Please email us directly, even if you have joined, our parent organization. We collect as much information as you are willing to share: email, phone, zip, address, and areas of interest. Join the hundreds of residents in southern Florida who are “350 South Florida.”

Also, visit Facebook for frequent updates. Meetings are held as needed and announced online.

The elected Executive Committee provides guidance:

  • Jack Lieberman, Networking and Marketing Chair
  • Salome Garcia, Chair 350 South Florida
  • Bob Mandell and Tarik Mokhtech, Finance Committee
  • Catherine DeLeon, Recording Secretary
  • Gabe Ignetti and Steve Hamilton, Public Transportation Committee
  • Laura Aguirre, Political Action Coordinator
  • Kyle Holsten, Co-Chair 350 South Florida
  • Leyla Doss, Digital Communications Chair
  • Nazario Saint Louis, Grassroots Organizer
  • Adrian Acuna, Grassroots Organizer

We welcome your ideas and your participation with 350 South Florida.