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Sign the Petition: Ban Crude Oil in Line 5

A new group is attempting to get Line 5 onto the 2018 ballot  to create an act that would prohibit Michigan from transporting crude oil or “liquid petroleum products” through any pipelines that cross the Great Lakes. Specifically, it would allow only liquid natural gas, which– although certainly problematic– pose less of an immediate environmental threat, (More...)

Michigan Legislature

Citizen’s Climate Rally: Ann Arbor 2/18/2016

Environment Michigan is hosting a march in Ann Arbor on February 18th. Come make your voices heard and urge this city and your senators to take action on climate change! Congresswoman Debbie Dingell and State representative Yousef Rabhi will be speaking. Be prepared to stick around for a while and visit the action stations afterwards, where (More...)

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Michigan Legislative Update

The Michigan state legislature has been debating bills that would overhaul our energy policy in the state. It’s broadly agreed we need new energy legislation but key provisions still up in the air could be used to undermine the solar industry and eliminate utility competition. For example, one proposal would set the rate paid to (More...)

Michigan Legislature