Surround the Superdome: Get on the Pensacola Bus


350-Pensacola is taking people to the New Lease on Life, Surround the Superdome action in New Orleans to block new leases for oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

See for full information about the action on March 23rd.

On March 23, the Federal government is holding an auction to lease up to 40 million acres of Gulf of Mexico for oil and gas drilling. Our mission is to “surround the Superdome” to disrupt the sale and push for the transition to clean energy. Tickets are free, but for those who can afford it a $10 donation is appreciated. See the ticket site above to register to join us. More details on the local bus and actlon will be posted as they come.

Hop on the bus with your friends as environmental and social justice groups along the Gulf coast travel to New Orleans for a day of protest against Gulf drilling and in support of clean energy.

Stay tuned for an update on where to meet the bus for the event. It will leave at 4 am so pack some power bars and coffee and come to do your part to block new oil leases in our marine waters and estuaries.


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