Climate solutions for the Florida Panhandle

350 Pensacola provides local support for the global campaign. We offer lectures, discussion courses, workshops and other activities to encourage people to examine their personal values and habits and develop strategies for acting on their commitment to a healthy Earth and sustainable future.

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Key departures in DC could impact future climate action

Former coal lobbyist named acting EPA chief after Pruitt’s resignation EPA administrator Scott Pruitt resigned on July 5 after 18 months of persistent dismantling of a slew of environmental regulations, especially those aimed at curbing climate change by reducing emissions from power plants and vehicles. The resignation came amidst a growing list of allegations about […]



Gulf of Mexico and its ‘stream’ are in the news…and it’s not good Weakening Gulf Stream could have major climate impacts   The Gulf Stream is weaker today than it has been in the last one thousand years, according to new research. Likely consequences of this weakening include severe freezes in Europe, faster sea-level rise […]


2017 Climate Change Update

When it comes to climate, we are in a time of extremes, growing concern, and denial The year 2017 was a year of more warming, more rapid melting of ice sheets, and extreme weather events from hurricanes and flooding to drought and wildfires. There were major advancements in climate research, and the percentage of Americans […]


Public Comment Sought on New Oil and Gas Leases in Gulf

Over the next five years, the U.S. government will grant new leases for oil and gas exploration and production in the Gulf of Mexico. The Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management (BOEM) held a public hearing on May 19 in Mobile, Alabama. Four representatives of 350 Pensacola attended the informational session. Click here to read and download […]


Climate Update

Florida’s climate preparation grade: C- How well prepared are the states for climate change impacts? According to a report by Climate Central, states vary greatly, from five states getting A grades—California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania—to five getting F’s—Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, and Texas. “States at Risk: America’s Preparedness Report Card” is a national analysis […]


Something positive about hurricanes?

On Tuesday evening, May 10, 350 Pensacola continues its programs to help inform the public about climate science. Dr. Jason Ortegren will share his research documenting how hurricanes striking the southeastern U.S. have historically had the beneficial effect of ending droughts plaguing the region. He will also discuss how the growth rings of living and preserved […]

More...’s Break Free Campaign

Most of you probably already know that we are affiliated with, the well-known, global environmental group started by Bill McKibben. I am now the official liaison between the national group and our local 350 Pensacola group.  I will be reporting on national-level events and news, especially if it is of interest to our local […]


350 Pensacola Film Event: Catching the Sun

On Monday, April 18, at the West Florida Main Library, at 6 p.m., be one of the first to view the exciting film about the democratization of solar power by New Day Films. Learn how we can rewire America with clean energy.  350 Pensacola is bringing the film to town with the help of local […]