Divest for our Future

The Divestment Movement is Growing!

 Divestment campaigns around the country really gained speed in colleges and universities and these are ongoing campaigns.  Below are some links to active college divestment campaigns in our area. If

Encourage your schools or organizations to divest from fossil fuels!

For more info on Global Divestment Commitments and University, Faith, and Institution Divestment Campaigns check out GO FOSSIL FREE.org






Divest and Reinvest – Faith Groups Leading on Divestment


A Listing of Known Religious Divest and Reinvest Efforts (pdf).



Divestment for Climate, Economic & Social Justice

From Divest to Reinvest Webinar – May 19 2017  “Our Power Campaign and Allies.  Here’s a link to the recordinghttps://youtu.be/YWvFxHktZuc, and here’s a link to the slides –http://bit.ly/2rGTX6u.

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Make the Switch to Wind Power

Call 1-800-971-0905 to sign up with our partner, Clean Choice Energy.

Lighting the Way

Donate to 350NYC's LED campaign and cut carbon now!

Our latest Sustainability Project seeks to provide LED lightbulbs for an entire building of low income seniors in NYC. There's no easier path to immediate carbon reduction while also helping our neighbors reduce their electric bills.