NY Energy Independence

Free NY from Big Oil & Gas

Thursday, June 29 at 12 PM  

On the steps of City Hall, NYC

On Thursday, June 29, New Yorkers are standing together to urge Energy Independence for New York State by freeing it from Big Oil and Gas! Events at locations across the State.

Burning fossil fuels is a leading contributor to climate change and the oil and gas industry has known this for decades. Yet, instead of acting, they began a campaign to manufacture doubt and undermine action. New York cannot break its addiction to fossil fuels by permitting new infrastructure that will lock us into decades of fossil fuel use and leave our land and water vulnerable to spills and accidents.

unnamedWe call on Governor Cuomo to declare energy independence and urge him to use the State’s powers to say NO to fossil fuel infrastructure! Governor Cuomo and the Department of Environmental Conservation must deny permits, Water Quality Certifications, or other regulatory approvals for transmission pipelines, power generating plants, compressor stations, and all fossil fuel infrastructure projects.

New York can lead on energy by 1) accelerating investment in renewable energy like off-shore wind and community solar and in energy efficiency measures; and 2) holding corporate polluters responsible for their actions in the courts.

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We meet at the New York Society for Ethical Culture at 2 West 64th Street (near Columbus Circle) in Manhattan. Check the calendar to find the next gathering.

Make the Switch to Wind Power

Call 1-800-971-0905 to sign up with our partner, Clean Choice Energy.

Lighting the Way

Donate to 350NYC's LED campaign and cut carbon now!

Our latest Sustainability Project seeks to provide LED lightbulbs for an entire building of low income seniors in NYC. There's no easier path to immediate carbon reduction while also helping our neighbors reduce their electric bills.


People’s Climate March 2017

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What Can I Do Today?

June 5th, 2017 THIS IS A CRITICAL WEEK FOR ACTION. The NYS Senate confirmation hearings start tomorrow AND votes on the Cuomo Tax moratorium are likely to occur this week as well! Help our legislators make the right decisions on behalf of all New Yorkers. Act Today! Tell your Senator to vote YES on a (More...)

Defund Dirty Energy! Other Divestment Campaigns to Support

Encourage your schools or organizations to divest from fossil fuels! http://www.cunydivest.org/ http://www.columbiaclimatejustice.com/ http://nyu-divest.squarespace.com/ https://campaigns.gofossilfree.org/petitions/pace-university-new-york https://campaigns.gofossilfree.org/petitions/the-new-school http://www.greenfaith.org/programs/divest-and-reinvest http://www.defunddapl.org/ (More...)

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