The world’s scientists agree that to slow down the rate of climate change we need to reduce the amount of oil, coal and gas that we burn to generate electricity. That’s why 350NYC has developed a campaign to help consumers to switch to wind and solar energy for their electrical supply/

As New Yorkers, we experienced first-hand the effects of climate change when Superstorm Sandy devastated parts of our city. We are still vulnerable, but we are not powerless. The combined impact of our individual choices and actions can be significant in counteracting the effects of climate change. You can be part of the global movement to protect our planet for future generations: all it requires is a quick phone call to your preferred energy provider.


If you are a typical NYC resident, at present only 2% of your electricity comes from renewable sources: the other 98% is from a mixture of oil, gas, coal, hydroelectric and nuclear power.

If you live in a house or small/medium apartment building, we suggest that you explore the option of installing solar panels. However, for New Yorkers who live in larger apartment buildings, the most convenient, sustainable choice is to switch to wind energy through Green Power Purchasing. Whether you rent or own your apartment, every New Yorker who pays their own utility bill has the power to choose a clean, renewable energy. Your choice can make a contribution to solving the climate crisis.


When you choose a wind energy provider, this means that ConEd or National Grid will purchase power from a wind farm and decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. And get this! You will still receive a single monthly bill from your utility company. No meters are changed. Just call or go online to your chosen supplier and the customer service representative will guide you through next steps.


The renewable energy you select will cost a few cents more per KWh than your current energy from fossil fuels: an average New York City bill will increase by five to ten dollars a month. When you choose 100% wind energy, you are deciding to divest your dollars from fossil fuel and invest in wind energy production. As more people make this choice, the demand will increase and the cost of renewable energy will drop. Divest & Reinvest! 

I switched to wind energy about 6 years ago and our monthly bills are about $10.00 a month more. It seems worthwhile to invest the cost of a few lattes a month to support a future with sustainable energy.  Monica W. – New York Society for Ethical Culture 


There are many suppliers of “green energy” from which to choose. Most companies offer a range of plans with different costs and features. We encourage you to research the various wind options and choose the plan that works best for your home and/or business.   A useful source for consumer information about Green Power is the NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority)

350NYC reviewed over 30 independent energy suppliers in 2014 and chose to partner with Clean Choice Energy (previously known as Ethical Electric) for this project. If you opt for Clean Choice Energy there is the added benefit that 350NYC will receive a $150 sign-on bonus to support our efforts to combat climate change. 

If you want to do this, please go to   Clean Choice Energy 350 NYC to sign-up. Thank you!


Every little bit helps!

If just 10% of New York’s households choose Green Power for their electricity supply, it would prevent nearly 3 billion pounds of carbon dioxide, 10 million pounds of sulfur dioxide, and nearly 4 million pounds of nitrogen oxides from getting into our air each year. Green Power helps us all breathe a little easier.” – Public Service Commission 


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