nyc nyc, January 12, 2015
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    The sidewalk in front of the David H. Koch Theater @ Lincoln Center, 63rd & Columbus 6:00pm Tuesday, January 13th

IMPORTANT: Please follow the link below to RSVP, so that we’ll be able to email you if there are any last-minute changes or announcements:

There’ll be a massive wave of rallies across the country on Tuesday, Jan 13, to make sure President Obama not only lives up to his promise to veto the latest KXL legislation, but that he finally kills this Koch-fueled fever dream once and for all!

As part of this nationwide effort, we’ll hold a rally on the public sidewalk in front of the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center at 6pm.

Note: this will NOT involve civil disobedience or any arrestable action. Its purposes are to raise awareness, build the movement, and stand in solidarity with all the others across the country who are opposing this climate-destroying pipeline project.


email Pat Almonrode at for more information.

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