Keep the Fossil Fuels in the Ground!

In our Actions, we work along with other groups taking on fossil fuels – be it extraction, infrastructure, or continued use in any form. Humans have already burnt enough fossil fuels to change the average global temperature over 1C since the dawn of the Industrial Era. Within a decade or two, at present usage rates, we will burn through the remaining budget to have any chance of keeping temperature change to less than 2C. Critically, there is much more fossil fuel known to exist than the carbon budget allows. And industries and governments (now including the USA under President Trump) are intent on converting all those reserves to cash – to profit.

Hence the need to focus: “Keep It In The Ground!”

In New Jersey, the projects and operations we are concerned about and the groups we ally with include:

Oil Trains (Coalition to Ban Unsafe Oil Trains)

Pilgrim Pipelines (Coalition Against the Pilgrim Pipeline, NJ and NY)

We have also stood (and sat-in) in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

We were also allied with other groups to sink the Port Ambrose LNG port in the New York Bight off the shore of New Jersey.

Transition to a Renewable Energy Economy Now!

We have advocated for stronger renewable portfolio standards before the NJ Board of Public Utilities.

Divest and Re-Invest




People’s Climate March – April 29, 2017

 An estimated 200,000 people converged in Washington, DC on Saturday April 29, with the rallying cry “We Resist! We Build! We Rise!” On April 29th, students, workers, faith communities, Indigenous Nations, community organizations, and environmental groups joined together to make it clear that this resistance will defend our communities, now and forever. The March was (More...)

350NJ’s 1/9/2017 #DayAgainstDenial Rally in Newark

Photos from Monday 1/9/2017 #DayAgainstDenial rally – Led by 350NJ with support from New Jersey Sierra Club and Food & Water Watch, New Jersey — at Newark’s Military Park and then One Gateway Center to demand that NJ’s US Senators Menendez and Booker reject President-Elect Trump’s climate-denier cabinet nominees. Inside, delegations met with the Senators’ (More...)

Break Free – Albany May 14, 2016

Breakfree Albany 2016 For this historic global climate action, Break Free, we headed to Albany, one of the largest oil hubs in the nation, and site of “oil bomb” trains, barges and a proposed pipeline to carry Bakken crude oil to Linden, NJ and Philadelphia refineries.  350NJ organized buses to Albany Break Free from all around the Garden (More...)

We Draw the Red Line on Climate Change

On December 12, 2015, just as the Paris COP21 agreement by 195 nations to keep global temperatures well below 2 degrees Celsius was being forged, climate activists from 350NJ, 350NYC & 350BK gathered at the Statue of Liberty to demand that our leaders keep their promise. To protect everything we love, we must draw the (More...)