Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology    Work Session

Tuesday, May 7, 2013     1:00 PM,Cross Building, Room 211  

   Augusta, Maine 

See the status of the bill – read testimony from the April 24th hearing here.


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FEED IN TARIFF General Information

A feed in tariff is a policy that has been shown to dramatically increase the development of renewable energy to supply electricity.  The policy works by giving people a financial incentive to produce clean electricity from renewable sources and feed it into the public grid. Over time, the public electricity grid will supply more and more energy needs from renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuel as people invest in renewable energy systems to earn money.

Here’s how a feed in tariff works:

  1. People are assured the right to supply clean electricity to the grid, i.e. they are allowed to “feed in” electricity. Once electricity is fed in to the grid, it goes wherever it is needed. For example, if you have solar panels on your roof, some of the energy they produce in the middle of the day might help keep your neighbors’ refrigerators running.
  2. The authority responsible for operating the grid establishes a tariff to pay people who supply the grid with electricity. For example, for every kilowatt hour you supply to the grid from a rooftop solar panel, you might earn 20 cents. The exact amount you earn is determined by the tariff rate.
  3. The grid and payment systems for electricity work as usual, except that some of the money people pay for electricity goes to the people who are supplying clean electricity to the grid. Thus, people can earn money by installing clean energy systems on their own properties.


An Act To Establish the Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff

S.P. 367 In Senate, March 19, 2013

Reference to the Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology suggested and ordered printed.
Secretary of the Senate

Presented by Senator JOHNSON of Lincoln.
Cosponsored by Representative RUSSELL of Portland and
Senators: BOYLE of Cumberland, HASKELL of Cumberland, LACHOWICZ of Kennebec,
MILLETT of Cumberland, WOODBURY of Cumberland, Representatives: BERRY of
Bowdoinham, HARVELL of Farmington

Download PDF of  L.D. 1085    An Act To Establish the Renewable Energy Feed-in Tariff

Legislative History in MaineIn 2009, LD 1450 “An Act To Establish the Renewable Energy Resources Program” was a feed-in tariff bill that was considered by the Committee on Utilities and Energy, which reported it ought not to pass.

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