We are a group of Kingston area citizens committed to taking action on climate change. We recognize climate disruption as a global crisis that is having a disproportionate effect on vulnerable communities around the world and we believe that local activism is one way we can seek to make positive change. We’re currently focusing on local government and participating in national and international campaigns.

This group originally formed in preparation for the Global Climate March on November 29, 2015, for which we successfully organized a rally of 400+ people in downtown Kingston. We continued to meet roughly twice a month with about 10 core members through the start of 2016. Consistent involvement dwindled in the fall, so at the start of December we had a climate organizing potluck, which ended with a high amount of energy and commitment, and a unanimous decision to continue getting together in the new year.

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350 Kingston has several working groups that focus on different goals and campaigns both in Kingston and across Canada. Each working group has a liason that ensures collaboration and communication with the larger group. If you’d like to be involved in a specific group please email 350kingston@gmail.com and we’ll put you in touch with the liason.

Municipal Organizing Group – TBD

National Movements Group – TBD

Actions/Events Group – TBD

Solidarity/Allies Group – Building solidarity and strengthening connections in the community for more effective social and environmental justice work, while offering a platform for other voices to be heard.

Greening Public Institutions Group – TBD

Last updated Jan. 09.

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We Need You

With activism—and especially with climate activism—it’s easy to feel like the problems are so big you can’t do anything to make change.

We get that. That’s why we’re working together. The more voices we have calling for action, the stronger that call becomes.

Please get involved.