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June 14, 2017 – From Our Children’s Trust: For Immediate Release: In a case management conference today , the Trump Administration pushed back against a proposed December 4, 2017 trial date in the youth climate case, Juliana v. United States .
Magistrate Judge Thomas Coffin adopted most of the discovery deadlines and a timeline to trial proposed by attorneys for youth plaintiffs, with one major exception. The US government defendants, represented by the Department of Justice, pushed back on a trial date for December 4th. Judge Coffin is requiring plaintiffs and defendants to each submit a “trial memorandum” by that date, outlining what issues the parties will present at trial. Judge Coffin told the parties, “this
court is committed to trying to expedite this given the urgency of the issues presented…” Plaintiffs plan to have all of their expert reports submitted to the court by July 31st, and the government is ordered to produce their rebuttal expert reports on October 13th. Today’s case management conference took place at the Wayne L. Morse U.S. Courthouse in Eugene, Oregon.

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Avery McRae, 11, of Eugene, Oregon (photo above), one of 21 youth plaintiffs, said: “It’s crazy that we even have to have this conversation…I am ready for trial!”  To hear more from Avery McRae, click here to watch her amazing presentation at the recent Telluride Film Festival:

Clip #1: Julia Olson-Executive Director of Our Children’s Trust -introduces Avery and Avery delivers her presentation:

Clip #2:   Q and A with Avery

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