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Press Release – Our Children’s Trust –

July 20, 2018

Big news daily around here at Our Children’s Trust.

Moments after we emailed you earlier today, the Ninth Circuit denied the Trump administration’s second petition for a writ of mandamus. In a ten page opinion the Court said there were no new circumstances to justify stopping the case from going through the ordinary course of litigation on its way to trial. Simply, the Court said “no harm, no foul,” let these young people be heard.

We are finalizing our brief to be filed with the Supreme Court on Monday, and we’ll hear from them next. Please help us continue this important effort!

We are in a strong position, and trust us, the law is on our side. It’s on your side. As Julia said during oral argument on Wednesday, “the Constitution is silent on our nation’s energy system, but it is LOUD on liberty.”

We will keep you posted when the next news comes in…


July 18, 2018: Desperate to evade trial on climate change, the Trump Administration seeks dismissal in simultaneous motions pending before the U.S. District Court, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court. Today U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken heard oral argument in the constitutional climate lawsuit Juliana v United States. Judge Aiken considered the Trump administration’s latest procedural tactics to avoid trial: a motion for judgment on the pleadings (“MJP”) and a motion for summary judgment (“MSJ”). Supporters for the youth plaintiffs packed the Wayne Morse Federal Courthouse courtroom in Eugene and three overflow rooms.

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