laurie laurie, June 14, 2017
Eugene City Council will decide whether or not to adopt the Eugene Transportation System Plan 20235 on June 26.  By the time June 26 rolls around, your Councilor will already know how they plan to vote.  If your councilor is going to propose changes to the plan, they have to do so in the next week.

The Climate Recovery Ordinance work group would greatly appreciate it if you would contact your Eugene City Councilor (via phone, email, in person visit, etc) as soon as possible requesting any one or combination of the following themes/actions listed below.  Click here to find your ward and councilor.

Please forward this email to others.

Thank you!

Laurie Powell, 350 Eugene Volunteer & the CRO Work Group


Start with acknowledging their leadership. Something like:
a) Commend them for formally adopting aggressive climate goals by adopting the Climate Recovery Ordinance in 2015. (This helps to reinforce their commitment).
b) Thank the Mayor for leading Eugene to join the US Climate Alliance.
c) Thank them for asking questions about the climate impacts of the Eugene Transportation System Plan during their last work session on the TSP, May 31.
Continue by reinforcing the connection between climate change and the decision they are about to make:
Remind them that Eugene’s own greenhouse gas inventory  tells us that transportation emissions are a large portion of our community emissions and that by planning, designing and maintaining all of our transportation infrastructure and by investing millions of dollars in our transportation system, the City has a huge influence on the safety, cost, and convenience of our various transportation options.
Remind your Councilor that the bottom of Page 8 of the current Transportation System Plan says the TSP doesn’t meet the Council’s aggressive climate goals “a wide variety of additional measures will likely be needed to meet the Climate Recovery Ordinance’s 50 percent fossil fuel reduction goal.”
Then Ask about ACTION:
Ask your Councilor what changes to the transportation system they might be proposing or insisting on when (or before) they adopt the TSP on June 26.  For example:
a) Will your Councilor ask for a detailed Transportation Demand Management strategy that will promote and incentivize carpooling, bussing, walking, and biking and other strategies to reduce emissions?
b) Will your Councilor be asking for a greenhouse gas evaluation of all major projects including the expansion of the Beltline highway bridge?  (Or might your Councilor withhold their support for the Beltline bridge until a greenhouse gas evaluation of that project has been completed?)
c) Will your Councilor be insisting on annual updates to Council detailing the transportation investments being made along with an update on Eugene’s transportation-related emissions?
End with gratitude and an assumption that your Councilor will be the leader you expect them to be.