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We are working with Renew Oregon, a statewide coalition of communities of color, union members, and environmental activists, to pass the Clean Energy Jobs bill this year that will put a limit on the Green House Gases (GHG) which cause climate change and require the biggest climate polluters to pay. Proceeds will be invested in projects to reduce GHGs and create jobs in the fast-growing green energy sector.

Please join us for our February 12 Clean Energy Jobs Bill date at the state capitol!

You must sign up here to confirm your attendance and to be scheduled for your appointments with your legislators. Free lunch is provided
If you are unable to join us on February 12, please contact your legislator to let them know we need to pass this critically important bill THIS year!:
Thank you!

Check the Event List for meeting info. Please join us! Contact Linda Kelley:

BACKGROUND INFORMATION- Read more about The Clean Energy and Jobs Bill here:

Most recent summary:

Clean Energy Jobs Bill_ (LC 44, LC 176) Policy Summary 2018

Previous materials:

350 Eugene cover sheet for Clean Energy Jobs packet

SB1070 Clean Energy Jobs Bill 2017 Summary August, 2017

SB1070 Full Text – Introduced

Clean Energy Jobs_Fact Sheet_August 2017

Clean Energy Jobs_Info for Businesses_August 2017

Clean Energy Jobs_Eugene Businesses in Support_Updated January 2018

Fill_in Clean Energy Jobs business support


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