laurie laurie, September 2, 2017

350 Eugene is gearing up for the next phase of the fight against the Zombie Pipeline Project (aka Jordan Cove Export Terminal and Pacific Connector Pipeline).  Veresen has again raised this project’s ugly head, with a re-application following two previous denials by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

This Canadian company wants to profit by piping fracked gas from Colorado and other western states via a newly-constructed 36-inch diameter pipeline across southern Oregon to the North Spit of Coos Bay, where an export terminal would be built.  At this plant, the gas would be cooled to produce liquified gas, then stored and shipped in huge specially-made tankers to customers in Asia.

The Jordan Cove project is WRONG for so many reasons:  trampling the rights of landowners by use of eminent domain, damage to the Bay and other ecosystems, leakage and spills into waterways and public lands, potential for fires and explosions, trespassing on tribal lands, putting local jobs in fisheries, tourism and other sectors at risk, pollution and carbon emissions from the terminal – the list goes on and on!

And of course the LNG is a fossil fuel and would send carbon into the atmosphere when it is burned by the end-user.

We say No LNG Export!!

Get involved!

Contact Governor Kate Brown to let her know you OPPOSE the Jordan Cove Energy Project, and any development of fossil fuel export projects along Oregon’s coast.  Oregon’s state government has the authority to deny this project, before or even after FERC gives its approval.  (Contact Governor Brown here:


Contact your state senators and representatives with the same message. (Find your legislators here:

Contact your U.S. Senators (Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley)  and  your U.S. Representative.  Ask them to get off the fence, take the right stand, and SPEAK OUT AGAINST the Jordan Cove Project.  (Find members of congress here:

Stayed tuned for up-coming local and state-wide No LNG Exports actions via our 350 Eugene email newsletter. (Sign up here:

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Website for the state-wide No LNG Export Coalition:

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