We have no time to lose contacting our government representatives at the local, state and federal levels concerning a host of climate-related issues; their contact information is below. We will post specific actions/requests for contacting your representatives on this page and elsewhere on our website in the weeks and months to come. Stay tuned!

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The Indivisible Guide: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda


 February – March 2017

Action Item #1

Treasurer Tobias Read (D) joined Secretary of State Dennis Richardson (R) in voting to sell off the Elliott State Forest early February 2017.  But the fate of the Elliott isn’t decided yet. There is still a chance for the legislature to act to keep it public. We must demand they do the right thing before the State Land Board meeting in April.

CALL: State Treasurer Tobias Read (503) 378-4329 and Secretary of State Dennis Richardson (503) 986-1523 and tell them:

1) Natural forests are essential for a safe & healthy environment,

2) Sale of the Elliott is not the only option, as shown in the governor’s public ownership framework and a Trust Lands Transfer Bill that will be proposed; and

3) Oregonians are gravely concerned about the privatization of public lands (and we’re letting all our state reps know it).

Share these posts on Facebook and Twitter telling Treasurer Read that he betrayed your vote by voting to sell off the Elliott State Forest. (Share or retweet using hashtag #BetrayedMyVote and encourage your friends and family to do the same.)

Action Item #2

State Budget Shortfall Town Hall at LCC – We need $1.8 billion to fund current services for the next two years! Tell your state reps!

They must either make huge cuts to the programs and services that families rely on, or find new revenue to fund these critical services, including a rapid and just transition from a fossil fuel economy to a clean and renewable economy.

Our state is dead last in corporate taxes, and is the third largest corporate welfare state after Alaska and Maryland. During 1973-75 budget period, corporations paid 18.5% of all Oregon income taxes. Today they pay just 6.7%, a decline of two-thirds.

Send your Oregon legislators a quick email and let them know we demand more revenue through increasing corporate taxes.

Send comments in an email to:

Please do it today! This has to be an all-out rejection of “business as usual politics” where the public is forced to accept deep reductions in life-sustaining services, services that ensure mutual support and a robust vibrant democracy. Fund schools, fund clean jobs, fund health care!

January 2017

Action Item #1

Make your voices hear concerning President-Elect Trump’s Cabinet Nominees


Next Monday, Jan. 9th, at 4:00 pm, there is a rally and protest planned at the new Federal Courthouse, followed by a short march to the old Federal Courthouse on 7th & Pearl, where we’ll make our voices and sign/banners heard and seen, opposing the worst of Trump’s nominees. (Note: The cabinet nominee vetting process will be taking place January and beyond, so it’s not too late to contact your representatives past Jan. 9, 2017.)

These actions are occurring in all 50 states this day (1/9/17).

We will be delivering a letter to our Senators at that time, urging them to oppose four nominations in particular:

Scott Pruitt – EPA (Oklahoma Attorney General)

Ryan Zinke – Interior (Montana Congressman and Navy Seal Commander/Irag war vet)

Rick Perry – Energy (former Texas Governor)

Rex Tillerson – Sec. State (former CEO and chair of ExxonMobil)

The content of the letter follows below in Italics.

Please consider these options for getting the letter to our Senators:

(1) If you wish to have your group’s name and logo added to the letter we deliver to our U.S. Senators next Monday, please reply in the affirmative and send along the logo you wish added. We’ll add your group’s name and logo. If you want to use / modify this letter for your own organization and add that to our delivery, or not, that is fine too. Please contact Deb McGee and Patty Hine at <>

(2) You are free to modify the letter so that it comes from you (rather than as part of a group).

Dear Senator Jeff Merkley and Senator Ron Wyden, 

This year is the hottest in recorded history. 

President-Elect Trump’s cabinet nominations, with climate-ignorant billionaires, will be devastating for our clean air, water, soil and for our national security. 

As our Senators, you are our last hope in preventing an all out assault on our climate and environment. We are urging you to block the cabinet nominations of:

1) Rex Tillerson, former CEO Exxon for Secretary of State, who worked for the biggest global polluter, which has known its product is devastating our atmosphere for decades, and who has problematic ties to Russia,

2) Scott Pruitt, Head of the Environmental Protection Agency, who has vowed to dismantle the same agency, responsible for ensuring our clean air and water, and our transition to clean energy,

3) Ryan Zinke, Secretary of Interior, who wants to open our precious public lands to more mining, oil drilling and fracking,

4) Rick Perry, Energy Secretary, who vowed to eliminate the entire department.

We have far surpassed the safe threshold of carbon in our atmosphere. It is time now to put the people and planet above short-sighted greed. We need to leave the fossil fuels in the ground. We need a rapid build-out of solar and wind power, as much for economic as environmental reasons.

Stop the destruction. Very quickly transition to 100% renewables. Not a moment to lose.

Thank you for your support and continued dedication to protecting our democracy and environment.


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