laurie laurie, July 15, 2017

If you didn’t get a chance to join us for these webinars, now you have them at your fingertips. The companion book to this series is “Against Doom” by  Jeremy Brecher-available from PM press.

Mon., Jun. 26 Intro by & Labor Network for Sustainability – An  intro to Climate Insurgency strategy, weaving together many strands of  climate organizing–mass nonviolent direct action, freezing fossil fuel  infrastructure, public trust, and just transition–into a global  strategic framework.


Wed., Jul. 5 – Public Trust with Julia Olson How can we “flip the script” in our nonviolent direct actions, making it clear that the fossil fuel industry and the government that does their bidding are unlawful, and that we are upholding the constitution and the public trust? Use of the Public Trust Doctrine for climate protection has been pioneered by young people represented by Our Children’s Trust.


Mon. Jul. 10 – Just Transition – How can we organize to avoid letting our opponents pit jobs, workers, and unions against climate, water and community protection? How can we build “just transition” that includes a better future for workers who produce and use fossil fuels, construction workers who build fossil fuel infrastructure, and communities that depend on them? With Richard Lipsitz, President. Western New York Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO.