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The People Demand Divest Eugene from US Bank

Yesterday, Divest Eugene officially launched its campaign  requesting the City of Eugene divest of its holdings in US Bank-a backer of the North Dakota Access Pipeline. Prior to the City Council Public Forum at 7:30 pm, concerned citizens gathered at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza for a rally grounded in peaceful prayer led by (More...)

Local Citizens Concerned About Climate Head to Trial

Come show support for our local activists arrested at Break Free! From Eugene, Salem, and Bend facing trial May 18-19: Elizabeth Chandler, Sandra Clark, Deb McGee, Carolyn Partridge, Laurie Dougherty, Shirlee Evans. From Eugene, Corvallis, and Seattle facing trial June 8-9: Leonard Higgins, Christa Knittle, Ed Epley, Aiden Carroll. (Cover photo – left to right: (More...)

On May 22 Join in on the Roll Out of “Divest Eugene from US Bank” Campaign

Help us support divesting Eugene from U.S. Bank. Here is some background information: – U.S. Bank has financial ties to the Dakota Access, Keystone, and Enbridge pipelines – infrastructure that will maintain or increase dependence on fossil fuels at a time when we desperately need to reduce this dependence to combat climate change. – These (More...)