laurie laurie, March 5, 2018

From Tera Hurst: Oregon’s legislative session for 2018 is over and the Clean Energy Jobs bill didn’t pass. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. We poured our heart and soul into pushing this crucial climate protection bill forward in 2018, because it’s vital for Oregon to be a leader in clean energy and clean air. Thousands of Oregonians were part of the huge effort.

The bill didn’t pass, and yet the news isn’t all bad. We’re still on track for Oregon’s innovative, job-creating cap-and-invest system to take effect on the same timeline as if it had passed this year!

Here’s what happened:

While the bill didn’t pass, several budget items did. The money will help our state prepare the necessary steps over the next year to get the Clean Energy Jobs program up and running on schedule.

Not only that, but we now have commitments from House Speaker Tina Kotek, Senate President Peter Courtney and Governor Kate Brown that they will finish the work and pass Clean Energy Jobs next year! The first time we’ve had solid commitments from all three important state leaders.

A special committee will be set up in the legislature to work on this bill and pass it in 2019. The co-chairs of the committee will be Speaker Kotek and President Courtney, the two most powerful legislators in Salem.

Everyone put in 150% effort this year to pass Clean Energy Jobs. We left it all on the field. While we aren’t walking away with a total victory for the climate, an outcome like this is the second best thing we could hope for.

Thanks to the overwhelming public support of people like you and your neighbors who engaged with legislators — through calls, emails and in-person meetings — we laid a foundation to put the program in place on time!

Thank you for being part of this movement with us. Much more to come!

Tera Hurst
Executive Director
Renew Oregon
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