laurie laurie, May 11, 2017

Help us support divesting Eugene from U.S. Bank. Here is some background information:

– U.S. Bank has financial ties to the Dakota Access, Keystone, and Enbridge pipelines – infrastructure that will maintain or increase dependence on fossil fuels at a time when we desperately need to reduce this dependence to combat climate change.

– These pipelines are being built on or near lands of indigenous peoples despite their strong opposition. When spills or leaks occur, indigenous people will be hit hardest.

– Eugene has committed, through a number of ordinances and resolutions, to 1) support Standing Rock in their opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline, 2) consider social equity and environment health when making decisions about city business, and 3) give preference to local businesses in city contracting.

– Together, these facts provide a strong basis for denying U.S. Bank a future contract with the City of Eugene and the city should, instead, seek local banking options to supplement much of the local banking that they already do.

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For more information concerning green investments, check out this document: Fossil Free Investing Guide