laurie laurie, October 2, 2018

Minnesota – The final trial of the vale turners, who shut down five pipelines carrying Canadian tar sands into the US, will go ahead in the town of Bagley, MN on October 8th. Valve turners Emily Johnston, Annette Klapstein and activist Ben Joldersma, after winning an appeal, will be able to present a full necessity defense in Clearwater County. Represented by MN movement lawyer Tim Phillips and our friends at the Climate Defense Project and the Civil Liberties Defense Center, this is the trial that we have been looking for.

Bill McKibben, Dr. James Hansen and other experts will take the stand, and we hope that this may be a watershed moment for climate disobedience. If you are in Minnesota, or are ready to make the journey, make sure you let them know. In the age of government’s refusal to protect the living planet on which we depend, will the courts and everyday citizens armed with the full knowledge of the crisis be able to say “yes, these people did what’s right”, regardless of the laws they broke? Here’s hoping.

Support CDP’s Groundbreaking Climate Necessity Trial in Minnesota