laurie laurie, August 8, 2017

Get the word out on this draft report titled:  U.S. GLOBAL CHANGE RESEARCH PROGRAM CLIMATE SCIENCE SPECIAL REPORT (CSSR). We have access to this thanks to a recent leak to the New York Times. There is concern  that the Trump Administration will change and/or suppress the report’s findings. Click here for the draft report:

Click here to watch/listen in on Democracy Now’s coverage of this critically important news:

On a related front, Joe Clement is a climate scientist with the Interior Dept, who was interviewed today by Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales. He comments on the above report and tells of his own experience being reassigned from his post as a scientist documenting climate change impacts in Alaska. (His interview is about 13 minutes 37 seconds into the interview-see above link.)

On the regional front – also on today’s Democracy Now:  In Vancouver, Washington, climate activists blockaded oil trains multiple times on Monday to protest the construction of the proposed Vancouver Energy oil terminal. Two activists were arrested after dozens lay across the train tracks and some chained themselves to flower pots placed on the tracks. The activists said their protest was in solidarity with the activists arrested at Trump’s inauguration, who are now facing decades in prison, as well as with Catholic Workers Ruby Montoya and Jessica Reznicek, who sabotaged the Dakota Access pipeline in Iowa, delaying construction for weeks.

(Video footage of this event is also available approximately 10 minutes-50 seconds into today’s Democracy Now)