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Fergus Mclean for the Register Guard – Published October 28, 2017:

The Clean Energy Jobs bill, which will create jobs while reducing Oregon’s carbon footprint from 60 million tons a year to 50 million tons by 2025, is percolating in Salem in preparation for the 2018 legislative session.

Work on the bill — Senate Bill 1070 — comes as new survey data reveal that Oregon’s forests absorb 36 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, more than half the state’s entire previously known carbon footprint. This new recognition of the workings of our forest carbon cycle has come as a wake-up call to policy-makers.

It’s difficult to exaggerate the possible economic importance for Oregon of the amount of carbon we now know our forests sequester.

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SB 1070 possible modifications Mclean_Background

SB 1070 possible modifications