laurie laurie, November 13, 2017

November 2017
The Honorable Kate Brown
900 Court Street, Suite 254
Salem, OR 97301-4047 OR

Dear Governor Brown,

We respectfully offer you this “Little Green Book” with information from some of
Oregon’s many environmental organizations. Because we want to work with you
as an environmental leader, we provide a contact person and phone number for
each organization.

Your success in keeping the Elliott State Forest in the public domain is laudable.
Your responsiveness to the People of Oregon was noteworthy. You made us
proud when you joined other Governors in supporting the Paris Climate Accords
and now you’ve given a big “NO” to Nestle in their push for access to the spring
waters near Cascade Locks. Next up, we hope, is your adamant opposition to the
revived Pacific Connector Pipeline through Southern Oregon and the Jordan
Cove LNG Export Terminal applications.

Our organizations are in agreement that this LNG project is bad for the climate,
bad for the environment, and not in the best interest of Oregonians. Standing
strong against the Jordan Cove Energy Project and standing up for protecting the
rights of property owners, ranchers, farmers and fishing people, as well as the
rights of the environment, would align with your climate protection goals. We urge
you to speak out loudly against this terrible project.

As you travel to the UN Climate Change Conference, we hope this Little Green
Book will serve as a reminder of the support that’s here for you.
Thank you for carrying forward Oregon’s commitment to a livable earth.
We wish you BONN VOYAGE!!

Sincerely, Bernadette and Linda
Bernadette Bourassa

Linda Heyl
541 232 6960

415 342 1485

Special thanks to Bernadette Bourassa for spearheading this project!!!