laurie laurie, May 4, 2017
Oregon has the weakest laws on the West Coast for addressing the potential impacts of oil trains. You can help change this. House Bill 2131, known as the Mosier Act of 2017, and its companion Senate Bill 7, are commonsense laws that close the gap between stronger laws in Washington and California and weaker laws in Oregon. HB 2131 is scheduled for a work session in the House Rules Committee this week.

Please send a letter of support to your Representative today.
After a train derailed in Mosier in June 2016, we heard a lot of tough talk from elected leaders about the need to protect people and our rivers from dangerous oil trains. Now we need to see action. HB 2131 would:

  • Require railroads to demonstrate financial responsibility for a worst-case oil spill;
  • Bolster contingency planning along train routes; and
  • Build up Oregon’s oil spill prevention fund.

Your representative is a member of the House Rules Committee – and they need to hear from you. Please send them a note and phone them today urging them to prioritize and support HB 2131, the “Mosier Act.”

Thank you for protecting Oregon from dangerous oil trains!


Dan Serres,  Conservation Director

541 387 3030
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