laurie laurie, August 28, 2017

AP Photo by Charlie Riedel: There are simply no words to describe the horror experienced by victims of Hurricane Harvey and of the millions, including 1200 dead, impacted by the floods taking place in Bangladesh, Nepal and India.

Worse yet, the drum beat of reports documenting that Exxon knew years ago of the impacts of human-caused climate change due to the burning of fossil fuels and yet covered up this evidence.

Few corporate media outlets covering the above stories 24/7 will mention, let alone drive home the connection between these devastating events, climate change and the egregious role Exxon and other fossil fuel companies have played in these catastrophes.

Watch Democracy Now’s coverage for a thorough coverage:

Here’s a link to a recent article describing research thoroughly documenting Exxon’s cover up:

Read the original article by Supran and Oreskes here:


Here’s a link to a Texas Post article on ways you can help the victims:

Here Are Ways You Can Help People During Hurricane Harvey