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The Green New Deal/Sunrise Movement wants you to take action on Tuesday, Feb 26th by visiting your US Senators offices to tell them you want their vote in favor of the Green New Deal moving forward this year. Mitch McConnell is planning a vote in the Senate to determine where Senators stand on the Green New Deal. We need your voice to go to both Sen. Wyden and Merkeley on Tuesday, 2/26/19 to ask for their vote in support of the Green New Deal. Additionally, please ask them to put pressure on their fellow Senators to show support for the Green New Deal.

National Background Information:

We likely have fewer than 10 days before the Senate votes on the Green New Deal. Until then, it will be up to us to keep the pressure on each of our Senators, and demand that they come out in support of a Green New Deal. The next 10 days could be our best opportunity to build support in the Senate before the 2020 elections.

On Monday, hundreds will join Sunrise leaders from Kentucky — Mitch McConnell’s home state — to descend on DC to challenge McConnell and put all Senators on notice.

On Tuesday, thousands of us will go to Senate offices across the country to rally outside or stage office takeovers inside to demand they co-sponsor the Green New Deal.

Tuesday, join us in Eugene for the National Day of Action for a Green New Deal

McConnell rushed the Green New Deal vote because he’s trying to kill our momentum. This shameful, cynical ploy is exactly what happens when our politicians are in the pocket of the fossil fuel CEOs. With our generation’s future in peril, Mitch McConnell is spending his time trying to score a few political points for his donors. It’s disgraceful.

We’ll turn up the pressure and use this vote to give every Senator a clear choice: Will you support our generation’s best and last hope at avoiding climate catastrophe in our lifetimes, or will you cave to Mitch McConnell and the fossil fuel lobbyists?

Showing up in huge numbers at local offices is what will show Senators that there is serious support of the Green New Deal in their states, and make them think twice about voting with Mitch McConnell.

Find an action near you, or host your own.

Let’s do this. 
Victoria Fernandez

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