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Civil Libertiest Defense Center office 158 E. 14th Ave, Eugene
The group Water for Citizens of Weed California (WCWC) will be making a trip up to Eugene a day early to shed more light on the issues they are facing with Roseburg Forest Products. On Monday December 17th from 5-7, the CLDC would like to host the WCWC and other activist to a short documentary viewing and sign making party in advance of the Tuesday protest. The event will be a great opportunity to get to know some of the people of Weed, CA and an insight into the struggle for their rights to water. Please join us!
What: Short documentary viewing + sign making party for the Tuesday, December 18th Protect the Protest: Demonstration at Roseburg Forest Products
When: Monday, December 17th from 5-7
Where: The CLDC office 158 E. 14th Ave
Background info:
The citizens of Weed, CA are being bullied by Oregon’s Roseburg Forest Products, which stole the rights to their town’s drinking water, made a contract to sell it to bottled water company Crystal Geyser, and then sued community members and the Weed City Council for speaking against it. Silencing activists through SLAPP lawsuits (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Protest) is a growing problem, and we must stand together and strong against it. SLAPPs masquerade as legitimate civil lawsuits, but are an abuse of the court system and a threat to democracy. The Water for Citizens of Weed, CA (WCWC) is teaming up with CLDC, Green Peace USA, and others to stand up to Roseburg Forest Products and and their frivolous lawsuits.