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San Fransisco; see event details
After our local event, thousands are heading to San Francisco for California Gov. Jerry Brown’s Global Action Summit (GCAS), to participate in parallel activities and actions. These are being planned by affiliated GCAS groups and Bay Area grassroots organizations.

A number of people from Eugene/Springfield are independently making plans to travel & participate. If you plan to go and want to stay in touch with this group, send an email to and we’ll contact you with information. (Please put GCAS in the subject line – thank you.)

There is a direct action being planned on Thursday, Sep. 11. The goal of the protest is to highlight for the worldwide public (scads of media will be there) that summiteers and, of course, Jerry Brown must act boldly.

This direct action is part of the “Brown’s Last Chance campaign.

If you are interested in the direct action, contact Sandra at

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The people are rising to demand climate solutions now. Our planet is in crisis. Time to act. We are at a crossroads.