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First Webinar in the New Carbon Economy Series
About the Webinar Series
The economic and industrial developments that were fueled by the industrial revolution have made nations more productive than ever before and brought in significant social and lifestyle changes.
However, they have also added approximately 2 trillion metric tons of carbon dioxide to the Earth’s atmosphere.
The Imperative: The presence of CO 2 to such an extent in the atmosphere is a pressing environmental and social challenge. But, it also provides an enormous market opportunity to transform waste carbon dioxide in the air into valuable products and services in a New Carbon Economy (NCE) — an economy where carbon pollution is turned into materials and fuels that drive our daily lives.
The NCE Webinar Series : LightWorks at Arizona State University is hosting a two-webinar series to examine whether the pace of R&D funding for carbon capture, storage and reuse can be accelerated if it is framed as a social responsibility. How can government, industry and citizens contribute to the social responsibility of meeting the climate imperative by funding the underpinnings of the New Carbon Economy?
Panelists for Webinar 1: Julio Friedman , CEO of Carbon Wrangler and former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Fossil Energy; Ken Alex , Director of the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research – California State Government; Anthony Hobley , Chief Executive Officer of the Carbon Tracker Initiative. Clark Miller, Associate Director of ASU’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society will moderate the webinar.
More information about the series and this webinar will be posted in the coming weeks.
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